• Wireless Location Solutions

    Understand your Customers
    Detailed Footfall Information
    Customer Dwell Time

Our state-of-the-art patented wireless tracking software provides previously unattainable customer behaviour data providing you with deep actionable insights. Using a combination of statistical analytics with our unique system management engine, we provide complete management control over the airspace to influence buying decisions.


We can detect 85% of all devices in the area using our unique cell 


Live footfall feeds and shopping patterns through a intuitive dashboard


Engage with customers through social media, optimise digital signage and watch sales grow

  • Tracking

    We detect mobile devices using WiFi and our unique cell

    The data is gathered, analysed and then offers robust insights about your visitors

    We can detect 85% of all devices in the area

  • Analyse

    From a live view from the dashboard you can see all of detected devices

    Shows popular areas attracted to the shoppers

    Displays footfall count and repeat shopping patterns

    Keeps your security in check

  • Promote

    Send out promotions to registered devices

    Profit from busy locations and peak times

Get more than just location-based analytics, understand and influence consumer shopping behaviour.

  • Position based analytics

    Real-time location patterns, key footfall information, dwell time and detailed heat maps for mall’s or airports

    Knowing where visitors have been before they enter the store and where they go next, building a dense data picture for personalised interactions

  • System Management Engine

    Identification of individual’s repeat visits and associated behaviour, allowing you to create real-time targeted adverts on digital signage and third party services.

    Pinpoint flow reports which give insights into which shops or aisles customers spend more time at to drive more targeted products.

  • Engagement Tool

    Convenient social Wi-Fi for visitors to use at their disposal, with visitor contact information and bounce rates. 


Retailers are able to more intelligently roster staff with the right training and place them in the right place at the right time

The accuracy and accumulated knowledge of each customer means the retailer can market directly to them using Bluetooth and WiFi proximity devices

Where shoplifting or security risk pose an issue, retailers or airports can flag suspects and add them to a national watch list

The behavioural data on each customer accumulates with every visit, while complying with data protection legislation. Linking this to existing spend and loyalty data starts generating incredibly powerful insights

Opening up a world of new opportunities

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